Make Your Choice 2.0 Videos

Make Your Choice 2.0 Videos
Posted on 10/06/2020
In The Know with Dr. Fennoy (10/2/20)

Watch this week's "In the Know with Dr. Fennoy" to hear why families will soon be required to lock-in their choice of instruction, either brick and mortar or distance learning, for each student for the remainder of the semester. Whether a student learns in the classroom or online, the District is committed to maintaining its standing as an Academically High-Performing School District.

Make Your Choice (Oct 2020)

Over the next couple of weeks, the District will further stabilize our enrollment by requesting that, by October 14th, parents lock-in their instructional choice, meaning ‘brick and mortar’ or distance learning, for the remainder of this semester which ends January 29th.  Here is how to 'Make Your Choice'.