Consent for Health Services Information

Consent for Health Services Information
Posted on 08/19/2022

Dear Westward Parents and Students,

Due to the Parent Bill of Rights enacted by the State Legislature, health services cannot be provided on a school campus until a parent has given consent. Consent for health services begins from day one.

Students cannot visit the nurse for any issue, including for a Band-Aid, until this form is returned to the school and yes marked for:

For each service choose Yes or No:
Health care services including care and treatment for illness and injury:  __Yes   __No

Yes - response will authorize such treatments including, but not limited to, major or min Jury or illness reported or observed while the student is at school. Failure to respond will result in an indication of "no" for healthcare treatment.

No - response will result in calls to the parent or guardian for the student to be picked up for all medical concerns. This will be for all instances where students are feeling ill, have a headache or injuries such as cuts, scrapes, bumps, or bruises. EMS will be called for any situation deemed serious.

The registration form for the Consent for Health Services is on the back of this letter (which was sent home) and it must be signed and returned to document consent. If you would like your child to receive health services while at school, please send the attached document with your child. Your child's first homeroom teacher will collect the form and we will keep it on file.

Thank you in advance for your speedy response
Mr. Brooks